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Build It Yourself - Plans

The Cajun Pirogue, light small craft made for transport over small bodies of water, is particularly easy to build in this design. Its flat bottom and short length make it an excellent craft suited for slow streams and shallow flats or marshes. It builds within 3 - 5 days. A construction video is available for the novice boat builder. More information about these plans can be found at the following link: Pirogue Plans.

The Duck Hunter's Layout Boat is not your typical big water low profile craft used for diver hunting. No sir! It's a one-man craft that can be brushed with vegetation local to your hunting grounds. It has a transom fit for a small trolling motor, and it's perfect for short jaunt marshy areas where dry land or thick cover may be scarce. It's better than a coffin blind, since it has a V-shaped bow. Pull it, ride it, or tow it. A 1-hour construction video is available for novice boat builders. More information is available at the following link: Layout Boat Plans.

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