Pirogues are for transportation. If you want to hunt ducks from a small boat, get a load of this little jewel! See video footage!

Look at these specifications for the Layout Boat:
  • It drafts about 3-6" of water depending on load.
  • Fairly easy to carry short distances...mine weighs 65 pounds (not brushed).
  • Best designed at 11' with pontoons (10' without)--[pontoons support the weight of the motor at the transom]
  • A kayak paddle (double blade) is fine, but with pontoons at the stern, use a 2.5hp gas or 36lb electric motor.
  • Build it within a week if working diligently.
  • Material costs as little as $150 at your local Building Materials store.


Layout Boat Construction Video NOW Available! 

We've taken the pirogue concept and made it wider for greater stability while shooting from the craft, squared off the transom to support a small electric or gas motor, and added a top canopy for concealment. It now has brush rails to help you "brush" your boat with natural vegetation, and splash boards that help you withstand a little wave action while diver hunting! If you hunt "stumpless" lakes or rivers or use a paddle for propulsion, use the 1/4" Luan for your boat's bottom. If you have to travel through a stump field, you better use the 1/4" Birch or maybe even the 3/8" to 1/2" plywood for security of not ripping your floor out on a stump. YOU ARE IN CHARGE of the build. CUSTOMIZE according to YOUR needs.

I put great effort into drawing up these plans, and highly recommend purchasing the construction video to guide you through building this awesome watercraft.. It's not hard to build at all, but it is a bit more time-consuming than the pirogue. If you are a seasoned veteran woodworker, then you can opt out of the video, I suppose. This type of project is very rewarding once completed, especially once you get that beast into the water for the first hunt (don't forget the ceremonial launch champagn)!

Upon receipt of your credit card payment via *PayPal, I'll send you the plans and instructions and/or video. The plans are easily understandable, but if you run into difficulty, I'll even talk you through it over a phone if necessary (your expense, of course).

Layout Boat "how to" plans. $13.95
Boat Plans + Windows Media Formatted DVD Construction Video
(mail orders add $6.00 S&H)

Actual Hunting pics coming soon

I'm just waiting for that moment in time when the wind is at my back, decoys in front, and a flock is circling my setup. At location #1 (the closest spot from my home, there is a group of about 200 mallards that like to raft up some 150 yds from the shore line where many hunt on Lake X. They never move--and if ever they do, they circle around a few times and light right back where they were before. They also tend to draw in every stinkin' bird that hits that flyway (or so it seems). I have big plans for this group!!! Stay Tuned.

This pic is just a sampling of the way you can "brush" this boat.

Actual Hunting Pics Coming Soon

This is my oldest son, Nathan--16. He's demonstrating the positive stability of this duck-hunting machine. He actually climbed in from waste-high water without flooding the inside with a lot of water. This boat has superior stability! You cannot see the 36lb trolling motor mounted on the transom due to the brush. I modified the shaft to rougly 12". It really hauls my butt across the pond!

I imagine you took notice of the fabulous brushing job on the top? Not pictured are the brushing rails that were installed after the above pics were taken. twiggy brush simply slides underneath these rails and really locks into place. One can surely adapt the boat to an infinite number of edge water environments as long as vegetation is available.

The float pods rear of the transom plate are ideal for not only supporting the back-boat weight of the occupant, but also a small motor if desired.


Email info@remmark.com With Questions If Interested in this Craft
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