This is the best small water transportation I've ever used!!!
...use it for fishing or just putting around the lake

If you want a Layout Boat, go look at this little gem!

Look at these specifications for the Pirogue:
  • It drafts about 3-6" of water depending on load.
  • Easy to carry...mine weighs 36 pounds.
  • You can design it from 12' to 15'-3"
  • I can haul gun, 2 dozen dekes, dog, blind bag, me, and camo with no effort
  • A kayak paddle (double blade) makes for great propulsion.
  • Build it within a week, or even a weekend if you work on it the whole time.
  • Material costs less than $100 at Home Depot or Loew's .
  • You could rig it with an electric troll motor for only a slight modification to stern.

Go here to see our Duck Hunter's Layout Boat 

We've taken the pirogue concept and made it wider for greater stability while shooting from the craft, squared off the transom to support a small electric motor, and added a top canopy for concealment. It now has brush rails to help you "brush" your boat with natural vegetation, and splash boards that help you withstand a little wave action while diver hunting!

If want a perogue kit, this isn't the site for you. But, if you are the kind of guy who likes the satisfaction of scratch-building your utility items, like I am, Then this IS for you. One of THE most important parts of the water craft, besides other than the sea-worthiness :-) is the bow and stern "stems". My plan shows you how to cut these very intricate pieces that are far superior to the simple triangle stock that most are used to. My stems are actually the core building-blocks to a perfectly symmectrical watercraft. building put great effort into drawing up these plans and describing the building process.

It's not hard to build at all--even fun and rewarding. This type of project is great as a "Father/Son" project or a good excuse to get your buddies together with a "six-pack" and some power tools! Whoa now! Remmark doesn't advocate the use of deadly power tools and the consumption of alcohol at the same time!

Upon receipt of your credit card payment via PayPal, I'll send you the plans, a tips and tricks sheet and access to a set of photos that take you through the building process. They are easily understandable, but if you run into difficulty, I'll even talk you through it over a phone if necessary (your expense, of course).

My video, while it is focused on the more advanced layout boat, is actually based on the perogue, which I simply made wider, adapted the stern from a wedge shape to a standard stern with floats to support a small outboard, and built a top deck "skin". The point is, the video while depicting the layout boat, actually fully explains the perogue build process.

Pirogue "how to" plans. $13.95
Boat Plans + Windows Media Formatted DVD Construction Video
(mail orders add $6 S&H)
This isn't even one of the better blinds I've done. This was one we moved. We didn't start out in the weeds on this morning. We were actually about 50yds to the left in more open water, but the Teal kept coming into this mess. We picked everything up and moved here and were back in the blind hunting within 10 minutes. We didn't bring our vegetation with us...but I think it's still a capable blind. We had several more groups hit us before the birds stopped flying. Say 'ello to me dog Mark-it---stands out like a sore thumb! That's why she wears a vest.
Email With Questions If Interested in this Craft
Site Meter other duck hunters or boating enthusiasts were curious enough to at least give this boat a serious look. Everyone who loves the water should have one! It's worth it's weight in gold!